Temp:  Room Temp                All Levels

A dynamic connection of movement with breath.  Designed to stimulate your mind and body, while improving strength and flexibility. Class is great for beginners or anyone looking for a slower pace than Power Yoga. 

Temp:  Room Temp               All Levels

Slow, accessible poses, which are held for longer lengths, combined with the use of props and breath work to facilitate opening and deep relaxation.  Great for people recovering from illness or injury or anyone looking for a therapeutic, restorative break.  

Temp:  90-93                        All Levels

A mindful balance between delicious flow and powerful breath, it gets your heat stirring and sweat pouring!  A vigorous, uplifting flow that is accessible to all levels, focusing on alignment, strength and flexibility.  It will challenge, nourish and expand your body and mind.   

Temp:  75-80      All Levels

Want a challenge??? This is the class for you!  Guaranteed to make you sweat, this class will combine yoga flow sequencing with pops of bodyweight intervals, focusing on breath and staying mentally present. You will breathe hard and be pushed to your edge…getting to that space where all your chatty, distracting thoughts melt away.   Modifications for All Levels.



Temp:  75-80               All Levels

Slow, accessible poses, which are held for longer lengths, combined with the use of props and breath work to facilitate opening and deep relaxation, in a warm room.  Great for people recovering from illness or injury or anyone looking for a therapeutic, restorative break.  



Temp:  105                  All Levels

This 60 minute class of a set 26 static postures and 2 breathing exercises systematically works every muscle, gland, and organ in the body. Hot 26 is an excellent foundation to learn proper alignment and develop strength, flexibility, balance and concentration.  Challenging at first, then addictively enjoyable, the heat and consistency of the poses will take you into a moving meditation while strengthening, detoxifying, and opening your entire body.



Temp:  Room Temp                All Levels, especially Beginners

Ashtanga Community Class

Ashtanga Yoga is a deeply rooted and very traditional practice.  In a non-heated room, you will move through the Primary Series, closely following the method taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois, and shared through some of his students like Kino McGregor.  The Ashtanga Primary Series never changes, but over time, your practice will.  In fact, it will be different every time you practice.  Ashtanga Yoga provides a place to return on a regular basis, so you can truly explore your potential and growth.  This is an all-levels class, especially beginners.

Proceeds go to 423Yoga, a non-profit dedicated to bringing yoga into rural & urban areas where there is none.



Temp:  Room Temp               All Levels

Centering of your breath and body- aligning the physical and mental by practicing stillness or gentle movement for extended periods of time. Facilitates the slow and safe opening of connective tissues like tendons and ligaments.  A great counter balance to more active styles of yoga.  


Temp: 75                              All Levels

A delicious blend of flow and yin taught in a warm room.  The first 30 minutes is a breath-based vinyasa flow to build strength and flexibility, challenging your balance and concentration, and harnessing that energy to promote inner stillness and peace.  The second 30 minutes finds you down on the mat holding yin postures for longer periods of time, targeting the connective tissues of the body to help release deeply stored tension.  The two styles together are amazingly transformative.


Temp:  Room Temp                 All Levels

Yin Yoga exercises the bones, lubricates the joints and deeply stretches the body's connective tissue, especially in the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. Yin does not seek to stretch our muscles; rather, the work is in the body's connective tissues, especially in the hard to reach areas of the hips, pelvis and lower spine. Instead of the rhythmic contraction and release that best stretches muscles, connective tissue responds best to a slow, steady holds. When we gently stretch connective tissue, the body will respond by making muscles a little longer and stronger. The entire Yin practice includes only 3 dozen poses (compared to the 100's of most yang practices); in any given class, there may be only 6-8 poses, held for long periods at a time (sometimes, up to 10 minutes each).

Because of the practice's characteristically longer holds, Yin can be more intense than a gentle yoga class. However, it isn't muscularly strenuous, and seldom leads to sore muscles. Like Restorative, a Yin practice is a complement to your regular, more strenuous asana practice. It is a practice that requires commitment and patience - but the rewards are big; it's hugely beneficial to a wide variety of people - from our most flexible and strongest practitioners to those with limited mobility, injury, chronic pain and seemingly insurmountable tightness. Your body will feel free and open, releasing deeply-stored tension.

hot 26-3.jpg

Temp:  80-85                 All Levels

Our Warm Flow class was designed with the intention of offering a middle-ground between our super-sweaty, heated hot power flow and our non-heated flow class by setting temperature to a comfortably warm 80-85 degrees. You can expect an inventive and slower flowing of postures guided by deep and steady breath, along with the added ingredient of a glistening, purifying sweat. This delicious and energizing practice will of course end with a blissful savasana to soak in all the benefits of the practice.

This is the perfect class for those looking to transition into a warmer environment.


Temp:  Room Temp          Beginner Level

New to yoga?  Come to one (or two, or three, or...) of our fundamental classes until you feel comfortable and confident in a yoga class.  This class will demystify some of the key postures & Sanskrit terms, focus on breath, while taking things at a slower, more manageable pace.  We also offer beginners workshops for a more in-depth introduction to yoga- please contact us for more information or check Workshops.

Temp:  Room Temp       All Levels

Slow flow is a slower-paced sequence easily accessible for all levels, using many gentle postures to simply move the body. This class consists of asana (physical postures), pranyama (breath work) & dhyana (meditation).

Temp:  75-80            All Levels

This is a class geared towards athletes, BUT you don't have to be an athlete! For runners, golfers, football players and other athletes, this class is designed for those looking to stretch and relax muscles to help improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. It offers a balance of yoga, breath work and meditation to cultivate mental focus and endurance needed to accomplish athletic goals and de-stress in everyday life. No yoga experience is necessary.