frequently asked questions

 I don't have a towel or mat or anything!            

No worries! We have everything you need! Mats, towels, water are all available at the studio.

What is this yoga thing about?

Great question! Yoga is about connecting mind, body and breath. It challenges, expands & nourishes your body and mind.  Take a class.  Check us out!

How much are classes?

Depends. The bigger the package you buy, the less you pay per class.Check out our Class Rates

Can beginners attend all the classes?

Yes! All the classes are open to all levels and modifications will be given.

Are all the classes heated?

Power Flow, Power Plus, Hot 26 and Restorative ARE heated.  Vinyasa Flow, Kids Yoga, Yin and Pilates are all taught at room temperature.  The heat will relax your muscles and allow you to take your practice to another level.  Sweating is good for you!

But I'm not flexible!

Good news!  It's not a requirement! All we ask is that you have a flexible mind - that way you'll reap the greatest benefits.

I think I sweat too much?!?

Then you are one healthy yogi!

How often should I practice?

Consistency is the key to success in yoga.

What should I bring to class?

Your mat, towel, water and an open mind! Leave everything else in the cubbies outside the yoga room, including shoes and cellphones.

I can't do what other people are doing!

Everyone's yoga practice looks different. Our bodies are all different - the pose that comes easily for the yogi next to you, might not work for your body. and that's totally ok! Yoga teaches us to feel good in our own body and leave our ego at the door.  Don't compare yourself to others - you're perfect just the way you are! The more you practice, you'll see your practice grow. Knowing when you should take a child's pose is just as cool as taking handstand!

I can't think of anything else right now, but I know I have more questions.

We're always here for you!    423.531.YOGA