Blaire Phillips     

Secret super power: I'm a chameleon, I can blend into any crowd.

Best advice:  Get on your mat as much as possible, it will make you a nicer, more loving patient person to the ones you love.

Worst advice: Go big or go home (I think the subtleness in life is better)

Makes you laugh: When Ramsay (my baby girl) giggles.

Might catch you: Upside down in a handstand!

Favorite moment in a Yoga class: When I feel the sweat beading up on my skin and I finally give into the practice and what it is trying to teach me instead of trying to control it.

Trainings: Asheville Yoga Center, 2011 E-RYT200

Drug of choice: Wine

Katy Mena-Berkley

Secret Super Power: I speak fluent Hamilton.

Best Advice:  Don't be in a rush.

Worst advice:   Hurry up!

Makes you laugh:   Watching my puppies chase fireflies.

Might catch you:   Catching up on episodes of Southern Charm.

Favorite moment in a Yoga class:   Downward-facing dog-  it always feels so luxurious.

Trainings:   200HR Asha Yoga Teacher Training, Ojai, California

Drug of choice:  A good night's sleep.


Tracy Carlson

Secret Super Power:  Multitasking 

Best advice:  Go for it!

Worst advice:  Why bother?

Makes you laugh: Will & Grace

Might catch you:  Reading magazines in the bath

Favorite moment in a Yoga class:  1)Finding a new edge 2) savasana 

Trainings: Barkan Method Hot Yoga 200 HR, 2011 Fort Lauderdale 

Barkan Method Hot Vinyassa level II & III (60 additional hrs), 2013 Costa Rica 

Drug of choice:  strong coffee


Jackie Thompson

Best advice:  Be humble & kind

Worst advice:   Follow your heart (It doesn't always lead you down the right path)

Makes you laugh:  My Best friend Sheila

Might catch you:   Walking my Yorke(Marlie) anytime the sun is shining.

Favorite moment in a Yoga class:   when I hear the whole class breathing in sequence and then watching as they move with that breath . It's that moment you know their turning inward and yoga is working its magic.

Trainings:   200 hr Chattanooga Yoga School 

Drug of choice:  Meditation


Sally Bacon

Secret super power:  If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret anymore! 

Best advice:   CONFIDENCE is the best accessory for any outfit; wear it every day! 

Worst advice:   Not worth repeating.

Makes you laugh:  Love and happiness.  You'll see me laughing when I am happy.

Might catch you:  Paddleboarding with Ladybird (my labradoodle).

Favorite moment in a Yoga class:  When everyone in the class looks completely different doing the same posture, but we are all feeling the same thing.  Its one of my favorite life lessons of yoga.

Trainings:  200hr RYT with Dolly Stavros.

Drug of choice:   I wouldn't want to hurt any feelings by choosing favorites. 


Sheila Grider


Secret Super Power:   To read my young son Kitt's mind by looking in his eyes 👀 

Best advice:  Never look back

Worst advice:   no pain no gain

Makes you laugh:   every morning I am greeted by my sweet puppy stretching out into her version of Downward Facing Dog

Might catch you:   standing on my head in the middle of a summer rain, winter snow, leaves in the fall, or flowers in the springtime

Favorite moment in a Yoga class:   Savasana! After a long sweaty mental and physical detox!

Trainings:   Asheville Yoga Center, RYT 230

Drug of choice:  dark chocolate



Kyle House

Secret Super Power:  I can read people's minds!

Best advice:  Stick to a low-glycemic diet for your health & wellness.

Worst advice:  You can take a yoga class after all-you-can-eat sushi...

Makes you laugh:  YouTube Cat Videos

Might catch you:  Eating a whole pan of brownies by myself. :(

Favorite moment in a Yoga class:  That moment when your back suctions against the floor making a flatulent sound and nobody believes it was only your back.

Trainings:  Yoga Works 200HR, ISSA Personal Trainer, ISSA Sports Nutrition, SPINNING Indoor Cycling, Real Ryder Cycling, AFAA Group Exercise

Drug of choice:  CAFFEINE!!!


Lyndsey Kytle Cutler

Secret super power:  I am a dog whisperer.

Best advice:  Stay humble, work hard, be kind.

Worst advice:  Become an overachiever.

Makes you laugh:  What doesn't make me laugh?!?! Ha!!

Might catch you:   Rock climbing with my fiancé and dogs.

Favorite moment in a Yoga class: When your mind and body finally click and you're just breathing and moving.

Trainings:  RYT 200HR Yoga Landing 

Drug of choice:  Ice Cream


Jennifer Lockwood

Secret super power: I have eyes in the back of my head!

Best advice: "Have you ever been in the right place at the right time?  You are right now." On my mat.

Worst advice: Baggy clothes, bangs, scrunchies

Makes you laugh: Katherine & Emmy

Might catch you: Watching Bravo

Favorite moment in a Yoga class: When the sweat is dripping, I've cleared my mind and I'm rocking the present!

Trainings: 200 HR Grow Yoga School Teacher Training

Drug of choice: Sweet tea & my yoga mat


Elea Mahla


Secret Super Power:  Organizing


Best Advice:  Simplify

Worst Advice:  You can do it/ have it all!

Makes you laugh:  The Mindy Project

Might Catch You: trying endlessly to solicit giggles from my baby boy!

Favorite Moment in a Yoga Class: just after the warm up when you first really start to flow/ move.

Trainings:  200HR Grow Yoga School Training

Drug of Choice:  red wine with my husband, and yoga!

Ash Everett

Secret Super Power:  breathing under water... never tested it awake, however it works in my dreams;)

Best advice: let it all in 

Worst Advice: have another...

Makes you laugh: babies laughing uncontrollably

Might catch me: singing and dancing to my dog, in the car, or alone

Favorite moment in a yoga class: at the end of a powerful class after 3 resonating oms'... the vibrations remain but there is silence and stillness. 


Charleston Power Yoga 200 hr RYT  

Level 1 Baron Baptiste

Level 2 Baron Baptiste

All Day Immersions Baron Baptiste

Drug of choice: Sleep


Jimmy Urciuoli

Best Advice:  Be an animal!

Worst advice:  Settle for mediocrity

Makes you laugh: BUTI Yoga. You just have to see it for yourself.

Might catch you:  Picking my nose at a traffic light. 

Favorite moment in a Yoga class:  When I completely arrive in the present. 

Trainings:  200-RYT of Chattanooga Yoga School, BarreAmped Certified

Drug of choice:  Are the cops reading this?