Safety First!

  • Hydrate - Drink before, during, after class.  Then drink some more.
  • Listen to your body.
  • Check your ego at the door.
  • Don't be afraid to take rest.

Be Respectful

The yoga room is intended to be a quiet place, so please enter and leave quietly.  How you enter & leave is part of your practice.  Shoes, keys, cellphones stay outside.  Mindfulness stays inside.

Focus Inside

Leave the outside world outside the yoga room.  Learn to focus on your own reflection and direct your thoughts inward - your breath, your practice.  Love your sweat!  Its your body working to keep you cool.  Embrace it!


Stay for the duration of the class.  Find childs pose or Savasana if you need rest.  The intention is to keep everyone focused and in the present moment, whether in a heated room or not.

Be on Time

Be on time out of respect for your teacher, fellow students and their yoga experience.  It is disruptive to have students entering after class starts.  Try to come 10 minutes early.  If its your first class, come 15 minutes early.

Be Friendly & Connect

Talk to your fellow yogis! This is your community.  Yoga is about connection, union and we think, community!  Smile!  You'll be surprised how this will shift your perspective.

Please avoid [yamas]...

Bringing the outside in

Please keep your cellphones out of the yoga room.  Try to keep yoga as a time just for you.

Wearing Shoes

Yoga is practiced barefoot.  Store your shoes and other belongings in the cubbies outside the yoga room.

Wearing Perfumes

Please refrain from wearing perfume or scented lotions or oils.  Some of your fellow yogis may be sensitive to these smells.


Save questions and comments for after class.  Your instructor will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns before or after class.  

Coming Late/ Leaving Early

Each and every class forms its own energy.  People coming in and out disrupts that energy.  If you know you must leave early, please tell the teacher in advance.  If you are tired or out of breath, lay down on your mat.  Just being in the room and breathing allows you to experience the energy.  Bit by bit, you will experience shifts in your body, your breath, your mind and your life.

Talking in the Yoga Room

Our reception area, hallway and dressing rooms are social areas to chat with your instructors and fellow yogis, and we encourage it!  The yoga room on the other hand is a place for focus and meditation, so please be quiet and respect the space of your fellow yogis.  Consider closing your eyes and breathing.  Your practice begins when you walk in the door to the room.


Let it go! Find happiness!